Satisfactory Drive!!


haha yes and welcome!

i am tojotasiili. funny little japanese car culture related meme with a mission: to spread wholesome toyota moments and bring like minded toyota enthusiasts together for years to come! i appreciate each and every toyota made car.

back in july 2019 after some chatting on IRC with a friend, i opened photoshop with slight hangover and made this funny little guy for my own amusement. little did i know few others found it funny too and here we are. thanks for coming along on this journey!!



siili is finnish and means hedgehog. tojota with a j is just way how finns tend to pronounce the best car brand in the world :D


haha yes express!!
i usually ship same or next day when order is in!

domestic orders (finland): 1-7 days

europe: 1-2 weeks

usa/canada: 2-4 weeks

times are estimates, but gives you idea how long it usually takes.

stickers etc. will be sent by letter, no tracking included.


if you have any questions, shoot me an email [email protected] or dm me on instagram @tojotasiili or facebook.

if you have my stickers on your car and want to get featured on siili's instagram page, please send them to me on instagram or email!

you can also tag your photos with hashtag #tojotasiili


see you around! :D


Y-tunnus 3181955-3